Scholarships for Intermediate and Graduation.

 Scholarships for Intermediate and Graduation. 


    Scholarship for Intermediate and Graduation: The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) has allocated 20% of its overall educational scholarships to the Special Quota (SQ) category, indicating a substantial shift toward inclusive education.

These scholarships are intended to help deserving students in five different categories, while also promoting diversity and providing equitable opportunities.

Importance Of Scholarship.

1. Student loan reduction through scholarships

Many of these undergraduate loans have exorbitant interest rates, causing considerable financial challenges for young professionals.

Scholarship programs, on the other hand, can help students pay for college without any conditions.

Scholarship recipients can then use their new income to start saving for the future and pay off their loans faster.

2. Scholarships can help fill the void left by public education funding cuts

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous public institutions and schools noticed full-size funding cuts. whilst faced with a decent price range, public faculties often skip value hikes to college students.

As a result, many students have seen training costs climb in recent years, increasing the price of attending university. happily, there are various scholarship opportunities to help fill the financing hole within the public area.

3. Scholarships can free up time for studying

several college students find that running part-time throughout the instructional year is the most effective manner to pay for their college research.

work, whether element-time off-campus or federal paintings-study, can interfere with a pupil’s potential for recognition in their studies.

Scholarship recipients, alternatively, feel relieved of a part of the weight. Having more time to recognize teacher efforts can help college students graduate from university on time and with higher grades.

4. Scholarships can support student performance

You can increase your education with technologies such as laptops, tablets, notebooks, and study aids, but they are not always economical

. Fortunately, various scholarship programs exist to aid college students in paying for these extras. We’ve created a guide to help you understand what expenses scholarships can and cannot cover.

5. Scholarships can lead to future job opportunities

Many scholarship providers are private companies looking for the next generation of brilliant young employees. These funds can help you find meaningful internships, mentors, and industry insights. Some provide opportunities to obtain valuable work experience.

6. Scholarships can expand your network

in lots of instances, networking is crucial to professional achievement. on the subject of getting an activity, you’ve simply heard the word, “It’s no longer what you already know, but who you know.

” Many scholarships can help with the “what you already know” portion, but some also can assist with the “who you realize” element.

several tasks join scholarship recipients to expert improvement courses, conferences, and mentors. expert club corporations like this can train young students approximately careers in their subject and help them make valuable industry connections.

7. Attract and Retain Talent

Some scholarships include internships. After finishing their education, college students may benefit from gaining work experience. The scholarship might help businesses attract new talent.

Those new hires from the internship may be handy at times. They bring new perspectives to the organization due to their college education.

This could help the company meet its need for innovation. Providing help to current employees is also critical. Many members of the current workforce may decide to return to school.

They might decide to pursue a graduate degree. Employers may be able to retain these employees by providing scholarships.

Relation Between Student and Scholarship

Institutional scholarships emerged as the strongest predictor of student persistence, progression, and timely graduation in all models explored. Standardized test scores interacted with scholarship dollars in unique ways.

Role of Scholarship in Pakistan

They offer financial aid to enable students to complete their degrees in all subjects at as many as 94 campuses of selected public sector Pakistani institutions.

The Five Special Quota Categories

  1. Orphans
  2. Children of government employees of BPS 1-4 (Eligible for both serving and retired Govt. servants)
  3. Children belonging to a minority religion
  4. Special Children (Disabled)
  5. The Children of civilians martyred in terrorist attacks

Scholarship Award Process

For Intermediate and Graduation Level Students

  1. Advertisement and Application
    • A newspaper advertisement is released, inviting applications online within the specified deadline.
  2. Scrutiny and Shortlisting
    • Applications are meticulously scrutinized, and eligible students are shortlisted based on allocated scholarships per district, category, and gender.
  3. Intimation Letters and Application Forms
    • Shortlisted students receive intimation letters and scholarship application forms at their residential addresses.
  4. Form Submission
    • Shortlisted students fill in and return the scholarship application forms to PEEF.
  5. Verification and Merit Lists
    • All received forms undergo scrutiny and verification.
    • District, category, and gender-wise merit lists are prepared for scholarship awards.
  6. Awarding Scholarships
    • Scholarships are conferred through respective educational institutions where PEEF scholars are currently enrolled.

PEEF has allocated 20% of its total scholarships to the Special Quota(SQ) category. The Special Quota Scholarships are awarded under five categories.

  • Orphans
  • Children of government employees of BPS 1-4 (Children of Both Serving and Retired Govt. servants are eligible )
  • Children belonging to a minority religion
  • Special Children (Disabled)
  • The Children of civilians martyred in terrorist attacks

 Scholarships for Intermediate and Graduation Recruitment Overview

  • Domicile holder of Punjab Province
  • Minimum 60% marks in Intermediate or Matric in annual exam 2023 conducted by BISE or Federal Board
  • Only students enrolled in Government or Private Institutions located in the territory of Punjab Province are eligible to apply
  • The total monthly income of the parents should be less than 60,000/- per month

 Scholarships for Intermediate and Graduation Advertisement

  • Special Quota Advertisement 2023-24

Diverse group of students holding educational banners, symbolizing PEEF's commitment to inclusive education.


Fundamentally, PEEF’s dedication to diversity through Special Quota Scholarships demonstrates a desire to develop talent regardless of personal or social status.

In addition to providing financial assistance, PEEF enables a generation of diverse and confident academics by removing barriers.


  1. How can I apply for PEEF’s Special Quota Scholarships?
    • Applications can be submitted online within the specified deadline. Keep an eye on newspaper advertisements for announcements.
  2. Are scholarships available for post-graduate levels?
    • The current focus is on Intermediate and Graduation levels. However, PEEF periodically reviews and updates its offerings.
  3. What documents are required for the application process?
    • The specific documents may vary but typically include proof of eligibility, academic records, and a filled-out application form.
  4. Can students from any region apply?
    • Yes, PEEF aims for a broad reach. Scholarships are allocated based on district, ensuring representation across diverse regions.
  5. How are scholarship amounts determined?
    • Scholarship amounts are determined by factors like academic merit, category, and level of study.

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